Some useful-looking conferences

Here are a few conferences coming up which you might find useful. The first one is next week! A couple of them will attract a 15% discount for some subscribers to our newsletter. Look out for announcements soon-ish!

Here are the conferences in chronological order:

RM Raising attainment with Apple seminars

There are two of these, one in Manchester on 17th September, and one in London on the 19th. The agenda looks very interesting, with talks by David Mitchell on Quadblogging, information on implementing a 1:1 iPad scheme, and a talk about how the children have benefitted in terms of learning, as well as a drop-in clinic.

Best of all, it’s free!

Read more about it and book your place here.

Reform Symposium E-Conference

Preparations are underway again for this conference, which takes place online from October 11th to October 13th. Last year’s was very good, so I can recommend it. The sessions last about 45 minutes each, and there’s a lot of variety. I may be presenting at this one myself.

Details may be found here.

The 2nd Annual School Evaluation Conference: Using Data to Enhance Standards and School Improvement

Not directly to do with ICT, but looks at what Ofsted is looking for and how to use data across the school as a whole. This takes place on 23rd October; details here. Inside Government, the organiser of the conference, has very kindly offered a 15% discount on the ticket price for eligible subscribers to our newsletter. I hope to send out the link soon.

The Future of Computing in the Curriculum

This Inside Government event takes place in London on 14th November. It includes e-Safety, and case studies of schools that have adopted a new computing curriculum. It looks very interesting, and very packed! There is a 15% discount on the ticket price for eligible subscribers to our newsletter. I hope to send out the link soon.

Details of the conference are here.

We need to talk about learning

Interesting-looking conference from the E-Learning Foundation, concerning how 1:1 technology is affecting teaching and learning in schools. It takes place in Wolverhampton on 21st November. Details here.

Preparing for the New Computing Curriculum

This Westminster Forum Conference looks very interesting, as always. It takes place in the morning of 26th February 2014, and will cover content, assessment and implementation. Details here.

Update on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 7:00PM by Terry Freedman, Educational ICT Consultant

Please note: the Westminster Forum Conference listed below takes place on the 26th February, and not the 14th as originally stated. Apologies!

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