7 Mindsets Launches New Teacher Portal to Manage SEL Content and Curriculum

(Roswell, GA) July 18, 2018 —7 Mindsets, the national leader in mindsets-based social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and activities, today announced a new portal to house its curriculum and SEL facilities for teachers to use. The portal makes the platform more accessible and adaptable, and provides an easier way for teachers to connect with their students.

“To inspire you need to become inspired,” said Jeff Waller, the CEO of 7 Mindsets. “This platform enables teachers to find the resources and content that are perfect for the moment by being culturally relevant and timely in a way that allows them to engage with their students. The program is so powerful when a teacher uses their story to set up a mindset.”

With the addition of the teacher portal, 7 Mindsets has added the following features for elementary, middle, and high school:

· Curriculum for staff meetings;

· A parent portal with best practices, dinner table conversations about 7 Mindsets, newsletters, sample presentations, community best practices, and more;

· A resource hub, which includes a library of SEL media based on the book The 7 Mindsets;

· Self-paced professional development;

· A list of 10 core competencies; and

· The Leadership Zone training platform, which included tools for principals and teachers.

Through the training process, 7 Mindsets provides teachers with the tools to facilitate the program rather than to simply teach or explain it. The new platform continues to focus on the curriculum’s three key areas: simplicity, flexibility, and connection.

“As educators, we know that basic recall of a concept is one thing, but once a student is able to apply that understanding to critical real-life situations, it becomes a part of how they see and interpret the world,” said Julie Spierto, an educator at South Forsyth High School. “The design of our lessons is geared toward students using their understanding at higher levels and generating and formulating plans that will have a positive impact on those around them.”

With the new portal, 7 Mindsets continues to effectively manage SEL in the classroom in a way that empowers teachers to build a meaningful relationship with their students.

“Prior to developing any new feature, content, or functionality we ask ourselves, ‘Is this going to allow a teacher to more deeply connect with a student?’” said Waller. “Our portal contains 15 years of curriculum. The single objective is to connect teachers and students in an environment that makes them feel safe to learn and provides the tools to both strengthen and build grit and resilience.”

Educators who are interested in learning more can sign up for a demo here.

About 7 Mindsets
Combining elements of relationship-based teaching and social-emotional learning, 7 Mindsets provides a framework that distills extensive research on the nature of happiness and success into tools, lessons, and training that provide a new language and operating system for schools and classrooms. With complete courses of flexible, age-appropriate online curriculum for elementary, middle, high and virtual schools, 7 Mindsets is an easy-to-implement, proven, and transformational program that has been established in schools across the U.S. and internationally. For more information, please visit 7Mindsets.com.

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