AdvancED, Measured Progress Merge to Help Educators Improve Schools and Raise Student Achievement


Bringing together student assessment and school quality measures, two of the nation’s leading education nonprofits have agreed to merge, their boards of directors announced today. Dover, N.H.-based Measured Progress, an innovator in standards-based assessment, and metro Atlanta-based AdvancED, the leader in continuous improvement and the world’s largest accrediting body, will join forces to form a unique and far-reaching nonprofit educational company focused on data-driven tools for school improvement.

The merger will create a $120-million nonprofit organization with 500 employees. Serving at least 28 million students in more than 40,000 schools in every state and in more than 70 nations, the new organization represents a meeting of the minds and of complementary areas of skill and experience. Measured Progress’s expertise in psychometric research, large-scale summative assessment, and district and classroom assessment solutions will combine with AdvancED’s expertise in working with educators to make systematic changes in school quality to bolster student success. The resulting organization will provide an unprecedented, integrated technology solution, delivering a comprehensive system to guide educators’ decisions on school improvement.

“AdvancED and Measured Progress share similar missions and common values, and support the same clients—students and educators from states, districts, and schools across the United States and the globe,” said Dr. Mark A. Elgart, the president and CEO of AdvancED, who will serve as the new organization’s president and CEO. “By combining our talent, school-based solutions, expertise in measurement, and commitment to continuous improvement, we can address the comprehensive needs of students and schools, and help accelerate improvement.”

“Over the last few years, Measured Progress has widened its impact beyond large-scale statewide testing to offer balanced assessment solutions to districts and schools—all in the service of improving teaching and learning,” said Martin Borg, president and CEO of Measured Progress, who will lead the integration of existing products and the development of new product offerings. “This merger is about supporting educators and improving outcomes for all young people by creating a multi-faceted organization with an intensified focus.”

Expanded Capabilities to Help States, Districts and Schools
The merged nonprofit organization will help states, districts, and schools address challenges in crucial areas where educators say they need the most help by offering an integrated platform bringing together a broad range of student academic and non-academic data, as well as improved decision-making tools. The platform will help school leaders and teachers refine instruction, improve learning environments, allocate resources, and address other factors that research says affect student and school performance. The new nonprofit will also provide professional development for educators to help them use the tools, and to identify improvements in their conditions, processes, and practices that will accelerate student learning and ensure that every student is prepared for success in school, career and in life.

The name of the new organization will be finalized in the next few months, with the merger expected to be completed by the end of the year. The company will maintain headquarters in Atlanta and Dover, N.H., plus an accreditation headquarters site in Tempe, Ariz.

Continued Leadership in Assessment Solutions and School Accreditation
While many staff members across both organizations will contribute to the new continuous improvement solution, each company will maintain a focus on its core business.

Measured Progress maintains its commitment to support teaching and learning by providing meaningful, research-based assessment solutions. The company’s clients and customers will continue to receive dedicated service and the partnership, resources, and expertise they have come to expect to deliver effective, meaningful assessments at the state, district, and classroom levels.

AdvancED will continue to provide state education agencies, districts and schools with continuous improvement services, accreditation, diagnostic and engagement reviews. Educators will continue to benefit from the technology and resources that enable them to better collect and analyze data, and to inform decisions that positively impact schools and students.

About AdvancED
AdvancED is an international leader in school improvement dedicated to helping stakeholders make decisions and take actions to improve the quality of learning experiences for every learner. The non-partisan, nonprofit organization conducts rigorous, school external engagement reviews of pre-K through 12 schools and school systems to help educators and their communities ensure that all learners realize their full potential. Membership in the AdvancED Improvement Network affords access to school quality tools and services to help institutions on their journey of continuous improvement.

About Measured Progress
Measured Progress, a nonprofit organization, is a pioneer in authentic, standards-based assessments. Since 1983, we have successfully partnered with more than 30 states and hundreds of districts across the nation to support their assessment programs. Today, the organization develops 21st century assessments for classrooms, districts, states, and collaboratives, and is proud to be a leading provider of alternate assessments for students with cognitive difficulties.