ASSIST Integrated K-12 Education Management System Announces Integration with Scantron® Online Diagnostic Student Assessment

Education assessment leader Scantron joins the fully integrated instructional content of ASSIST’s cloud-based program

RENO, NV, Feb. 13, 2018 —ASSIST Education announced the recent integration Scantron Performance Series, a computer-adaptive K-12 diagnostic student assessment, published by Scantron. ASSIST Education, formerly known as ASSIST LLC, partnered with Scantron to add the assessments into ASSIST, the company’s Integrated Education Management System for K-12 schools. With this integration, students are able to seamlessly access assessments in Reading and Math, and educators are able to instantly pinpoint proficiency levels of students. These assessments deliver scaled scores and statistically valid results that provide vertical growth mapping to educators and administrators. Results correspond to Common Core State Standards and specific state standards. Available now, the ASSIST system was designed by educators at ASSIST Education as a new approach in meeting the needs of educational institutions within a single platform.

The reliable and valid Scantron Performance Series tailors tests to students’ proficiencies, automatically adjusting to ability levels. The test is personalized for every test taker. This results in a scaled score, used to measure a student’s academic growth and grade level placement, while enabling educators to make academic adjustments for improved instruction.

The use of data-driven instruction is proven to raise test scores and student achievement. ASSIST Education offers this incredible service to their school partners, both domestically and internationally. The ASSIST Education platform, along with the relationship with Scantron, is able to provide reports to administration for individual students, school groups, and their entire district.

ASSIST partnered with Scantron to now feature Scantron Performance Series diagnostic solution to schools worldwide. Scantron provides a comprehensive set of solutions that help improve student outcomes in K–12 education. The company offers software and services to meet the needs of school customers’ assessment programs regardless of where they are on the technology spectrum—pure paper, pure online, or anywhere in between.

“The Scantron Performance Series is a perfect addition to ASSIST’s toolbox of services that we offer our families and academic partners,” said Sandy Gamba, ASSIST Education Head of Schools. “This testing solution ensures correct student placement and enables administrators to accurately measure their growth. Instruction needs to be data-driven, and Scantron provides the meaningful feedback necessary for this. The now any- time availability of the assessments is vital, as many of our students are outside of the USA.”

Overcoming the many challenges associated with using a number of different, but necessary school systems, ASSIST provides every feature schools need in a fully-integrated system. Teachers and administrators only have to learn one system, in which everything works together perfectly. ASSIST is a single integrated system with a student data (SIS), student learning management (LMS) and curriculum management (CMS) system.

ASSIST is available now from ASSIST Education in the USA and internationally through education resellers. ASSIST works on any computer or device with Internet access. As ASSIST Education grows and expands its presence, the company welcomes establishing strategic partnerships with domestic and international resellers. Interested resellers can email ASSIST at For information about ASSIST, educators can visit or call ASSIST at 866-984-3384.

For almost half a century, Scantron® has helped education, commercial, and government organizations worldwide measure and improve effectiveness with assessment and survey solutions. The company is best known for its pioneering and exceptional products and services that allow the rapid, accurate, and reliable capture of student performance data. Scantron is proud to serve 98 of the largest 100 school districts in the USA, as well as 48 Ministries of Education throughout the world. Visit Scantron at to learn more.

ASSIST Education, has developed a cloud-based, fully-integrated education management system. Founded by a team of experienced education professionals, ASSIST combines all aspects of a student data (SIS), student learning management (LMS) and curriculum management (CMS) system, simplifying school-wide management and allowing for schools to focus on student learning and outcomes.

Since 2013, ASSIST has streamlined education management for schools around the globe. The company’s mission is to share this cost-effective, comprehensive solution making a significant difference for education worldwide.

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