Simbli Board Management Software Now ADA-Compliant

eBOARDsolutions is pleased to announce that Simbli board management software is now compliant with the latest standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), making it easier for users of all abilities to participate in and stay updated on board activities through the online governance platform. ADA website compliance means boards can be confident that content on their Simbli site is accessible to people with a range of disabilities, as set forth by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

“At eBOARDsolutions, we welcome the diversity of our school board community and their stakeholders, and we are committed to making our solution as valuable and user-friendly as possible to all users” said Mark Willis, Chief Operating Officer. “Now that we’ve removed the burden of website accessibility, boards using Simbli can dedicate even more time to their most important work, without spending their limited resources on web compliance issues.”

In addition to making their Simbli site easier to use for a wider audience, ADA compliance can help boards reduce the risk and costs of associated legal issues. Under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Federal agencies are required to make their electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to people with disabilities.

Some of the changes eBOARDsolutions has implemented to ensure ADA compliance for the board governance sites of Simbli users include:

● Support for screen readers:Simbli is now readable through web browser screen readers such as Jaws and Voice Over.

● Keyboard navigation:Site visitors can interact fully with the website by navigating using the keyboard only.

● Simple search:Alt text, heading structure, page titles and descriptive link text now help all users easily find what they’re searching for.

● Contrast and colors:For users who are color blind, or who can’t see contrasts, Simbli sites can now include contrast between text and background colors, including on buttons, links and images.

● Semantics to format HTML pages:Web page codes are clearly described in easy-to-understand terms, enabling broader sharing across all browsers and apps.

● Text alternatives for non-text content:Written replacements are now available for images, audio and video. Text on hover/tooltips have also been implemented.

● Table formatting:Tables have been reformatted for screen readers to decipher, and to make it easier for users to navigate.

● Support for fly-out menus:Menus that fly out or down when an item is clicked are now available via keyboard navigation, and don’t immediately snap back when those using a mouse move from the clickable area.

For more information about web accessibility requirements, visit the ADA website at

About eBOARDsolutions

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