Edsby platform update unlocks regional K-12 data

ONTARIO, Canada (September 26, 2018) – Edsby®, the most comprehensive learning and analytics platform available for K-12 education, is now more effective than ever at helping regional, provincial, state and national organizations make data-driven decisions based on latest K-12 data.

Powering many school districts as one of the most fully-featured K-12 learning management systems available, Edsby has built sophisticated data capabilities as a way to aggregate data for its analytics services. Edsby has become, in effect, a K-12 “data switch” that uses proprietary and open standards to talk to a wide variety of data sources, such as different brands of student information systems (SISes) and legacy data warehouses. It then merges and normalizes data in a single data store for analysis.

These aggregation features give organizations a unified view of educational data—such as achievement, attendance and students at risk—in essentially real time, no matter how complex their legacy systems. Without a system like Edsby, regional decision-makers often have to wait years to measure the effect of changes made in education policy or funding. With Edsby, new data can be queried daily.

“Our district has effectively 70 logical SISes. Edsby talks to each individually overnight, so we always have a consolidated, up-to-date view of our data,” said John Howitt, superintendent of education and information technology, Greater Essex County District School Board. “The real-time analysis capability of Edsby, built on Microsoft’s Power BI, is remarkable.”

The complexity of most regions’ data environments required a novel approach for K-12 data aggregation and analysis.

“Open standards alone can’t solve this challenge of complexity,” said Scott Welch, Edsby co-founder. “Lightweight standards such as OneRoster aren’t comprehensive enough, and heavyweight standards like the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) only work if all vendors in a region implement them, which is unreasonable to expect. Only a blended approach like Edsby, which can communicate with a variety of systems with a range of protocols at the same time, can give county or state boards of education, or even whole countries, a unified view of K-12 successes.”

About Edsby

Edsby is an award-winning SaaS platform built to improve school districts, regions and national governments’ K-12 digital transformation and their student, teacher and parent engagement. Edsby engages students, parents and teachers on all of their devices. It enables personalized learning experiences and gives school districts, states and provinces or national governments powerful new ways to facilitate their digital transformations. Edsby is developed by CoreFour, a team that has been building scalable, reliable software systems for education organizations around the world for 30 years using latest technology and standards. Edsby is a registered trademark of CoreFour Inc. To learn more about Edsby, please visit http://edsby.com/.