Florida Schools Embrace 7 Mindsets Portal to Encourage SEL Development

(Roswell, GA) September 20, 2018 — Just in time for the new school year, three schools in Florida have made a strong commitment to supporting teachers’ and students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) development by using the newly released 7 Mindsets portal. The groundbreaking model is backed by years of research and is the national leader in K–12 mindsets-based SEL curriculum and activities.

These schools will be the first in Florida to implement the 7 Mindsets SEL curriculum and portal, making them pioneers in mindsets-based SEL management that empowers teachers to build meaningful relationships with their students.

At Jacksonville Country Day School, where character education has been part of the fabric of the school for 30 years, leaders are using 7 Mindsets as a foundation to reinforce SEL concepts for the entire school community. Christy Maurer, the Director of Education for 3-6 grades at the private, independent school, said, “We believe character education should be happening every day, and 7 Mindsets provides a structure to keep us on track. I’ve been impressed at how much the school is all in with this. Our leadership supports the teachers, our teachers are buying in, and kids are getting into honors classes because they have the grit and confidence to do so.”

The affordable 7 Mindsets portal houses a complete K–12 SEL curriculum, along with hundreds of additional SEL resources and a multitude of professional development offerings. Materials such as presentation and newsletter templates allow for extension of the learning outside the classroom, engaging parents and fostering community involvement in creating a happy and productive school climate.

The two additional Florida schools that began using the portal at the start of the 2018–19 school year are Meadowlane Intermediate School in the Brevard Public School District and Oviedo High School in the Seminole County School District.

“The state of Florida is filled with innovative educators who aren’t afraid to take risks,” said Jeff Waller, the CEO of 7 Mindsets. “We are honored to partner with these three schools to support the connection between students and teachers. These educators are dedicated to creating an environment that makes students feel safe to learn, and to providing them the tools they need to build and strengthen life skills such as grit and resilience.”

Educators and administrators interested in learning more about how a mindsets-based approach to SEL can make your schools happier can schedule a meeting with 7 Mindsets here.

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