Fuel Education Enables Polk County, Florida Students to Self-Enroll in District Online Courses

Herndon, Virginia, May 14, 2018 Fuel Education® (FuelEd®) has created a new way for students in Polk County Public Schools to enroll in FuelEd online courses offered by the district. FuelEd’s Student Enrollment Portal is mobile-friendly, easy for students and families to use, and helps schools retain valuable education funding. FuelEd partnered with Polk County Public Schools to develop the Portal and is now offering it to districts throughout Florida.

The district-branded, mobile-friendly portal connects middle and high school students directly to online courses to fit their credit needs and personal interests, including completing online course graduation requirements, recovering credits to stay on track for graduation, or getting ahead with career-focused electives. Districts can choose from hundreds of FuelEd courses to offer to their students through the portal.

“In Florida, all students must complete an online course in order to graduate, but if students enroll in virtual courses delivered by providers outside of their school district, the funding follows to the provider,” said Sean P. Ryan, General Manager of Fuel Education. “We worked with Polk County Public Schools to develop the Student Enrollment Portal as a solution that not only helps students take a more active role in selecting quality online courses, it also allows schools to keep funding in their district so they can spend it on additional support services for students.”

Polk County Public Schools has partnered with FuelEd for years to provide students with quality online content. Recently, Polk County Public Schools asked FuelEd to help them create a custom enrollment portal to make it easier for students to use these courses to fulfill their state requirements rather than turn to outside providers. To see the Polk County portal, click here: https://polk.fueleducation.com/

“The Student Enrollment Portal has been an excellent solution for Polk County Public Schools on multiple fronts,” said Dr. Marc Hutek, Assistant Superintendent of Polk County Public Schools. “We’ve had a great experience using FuelEd for the blended learning courses that we offer in our schools, so we offered students FuelEd to fulfill their online course graduation requirement. The Portal not only streamlines the enrollment process and is simple for students to use, but it is helping us keep more funding in the district by recovering those funds that have been traditionally lost to other virtual programs.”

After a Polk County student enrolls in a virtual course through the Student Enrollment Portal, they receive access to their own dashboard in FuelEd’s PEAK™ personalized learning platform. The PEAK platform allows students to access and view all of their classes, as well as check their progress, current grade average, and recent assignments. It also enables them to communicate with teachers, who can keep track of student progress in PEAK.

The Student Enrollment Portal is designed for middle or high school students and is custom-branded with the school district’s logo and landing pages for each school campus. Students and their families can access the app from any mobile device to select and register for their desired courses.

To learn more about the portal, visit https://www.fueleducation.com/enrollmentportal.

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