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New enhancements showcased at ISTE 2018 conference

MINNEAPOLIS (June 25, 2018) – Hoonuit, the leader in PK-12 student performance analytics and educator professional development, has introduced the first of its kind integration of student achievement data with aligned professional development. To enable the success of educators in individualizing and maximizing performance of all learners, the company has embedded educator learning experiences directly within the data visualization workflows to drive usage and adoption of data. This integration will be available in time for the new school year.

“We are focused on helping districts and education agencies develop data-driven cultures,” said Shivani Stumpf, Hoonuit chief technology officer. “This transformational offering unlocks the power of data by combining student performance metrics with practical knowledge to drive positive change in schools and classrooms.”

These enhancements further expand the use of Hoonuit’s unprecedented data model and intuitive analytics designed to support school and district initiatives. These initiatives include school improvement planning, early warning and intervention, college and career readiness, social and emotional learning, human capital analysis and more.

The platform already incorporates visualizations displayed in a question-format to help educators quickly understand the data.

Educators will have the ability to engage and leverage these outcome-based professional learning experiences aligned to the analytics they are viewing to further support data-driven change. In addition to over 100,000 hours of research-based professional learning modules built in collaboration with subject matter experts, Hoonuit also provides content authoring tools for districts to customize content or create their own learning experiences in 10 different languages.

“Rooted in learning theory and curriculum, we have created a platform to support effective instruction, student readiness and community engagement designed to drive student success,” Stumpf said. “The flexibility and extensibility of our solution puts us in a unique position to connect data points way beyond the Student Information Systems (SIS) and Assessment platforms. This connected intelligence, combined with aligned professional development, creates seamless experiences educators need to be successful in personalizing the success of all learners.”

Hoonuit will be exhibiting in the ISTE Microsoft Partner Showcase at booth #1116 where attendees can demo the new solutions. For more information, please visit www.hoonuit.com.

About Hoonuit

Hoonuit empowers educators with knowledge and insights to improve student outcomes. Through solutions that provide intuitive analytics and personalized professional development, Hoonuit fuels teacher, staff and student success. To learn more, visit: http://www.hoonuit.com/ or follow us on Twitter.


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Hoonuit Calls for Educators to Become a Learning Ambassador promo image

Hoonuit Calls for Educators to Become a Learning Ambassador

Hoonuit (@Hoonuit), a comprehensive suite of data analytics and professional development tools, has invited esteemed educators to join its Learning Ambassador program. Participants will have access to a community of connected educators and be recognized for their efforts to support learners. Focused on investing in each member’s future, the program provides ambassadors with the chance to broaden their knowledge and reach in the larger education community. To learn more about the program, visit booth 3441 at ISTE, or read more below. 

Hoonuit Acquires Whitewater Learning, Launches University Accredited Courses promo image

Hoonuit Acquires Whitewater Learning, Launches University Accredited Courses

MINNEAPOLIS (October 24, 2017) – Hoonuit, the catalyst for education excellence through data analytics and professional development, announces the launch of university accredited professional learning courses. The courses will be provided through Pathways, a new enhancement to Hoonuit’s online professional development solution, which groups similar modules together to provide a well-rounded study of a topic. Each pathway has required modules, and a number of elective modules to enable personalization.Hoonuit recently acquired Whitewater Learning, adding over 80 modules of university accredited content to its library. From the robust selection of courses, teachers can explore topics that interest them, including pathways such as “Creating Your Online Course,” “Reading Essentials” and “Using Data in Education.” Each module and pathway is aligned to state and national professional development standards, falling into categories such as Assessment and Evaluation, Instructional Strategies, Technology Integration and more. Accredited courses are now available through a partnership with the University of North Dakota.

Hoonuit Launches Early Warning and Intervention Solution for K-12 Districts promo image

Hoonuit Launches Early Warning and Intervention Solution for K-12 Districts

MINNEAPOLIS (October 10, 2017) – Because intervention planning is a highly data-driven, yet emotional process, educators often face the challenge of finding both the time and the right approaches to support at-risk students. That’s why Hoonuit, the catalyst for education excellence through data analytics and professional development, created its Early Warning solution. Designed to improve long-term student retention and graduation rates, the Hoonuit Early Warning solution guides educators in identifying at-risk students earlier on and integrating the intervention workflow to easily and consistently track the progress of each implementation. “We have developed a student-centered solution that is informed by decades of hands-on experience to enable action and promote positive student outcomes,” said Dr. Jeff Watson, Vice President of Education Research & Consulting at Hoonuit.

Skyward Debuts New Data Analytics Tool

Districts today rely on robust data analytics to recognize school improvement opportunities and monitor student achievement. To simplify the complex, time-consuming responsibility of compiling the key information, Skyward, Inc., an industry leading K-12 school administrative software provider, developed myDistrict360 [www.skyward.com/mydistrict360] in partnership with BravePoint, a leading provider of technical services and solutions designed to increase productivity and efficiency. myDistrict360 is a versatile, user friendly portal for teachers and administrators to analyze vital student and business information.

New Edsby Analytics Enable Unique Real-Time Insights for K-12 School Districts promo image

New Edsby Analytics Enable Unique Real-Time Insights for K-12 School Districts

DENVER (June 27, 2016) – To offer new levels of insight to K-12 teachers and administrators, Edsby®, an innovative cloud-based engagement and data aggregation platform for K-12 school districts, introduces breakthrough learning analytics capabilities at ISTE 2016. The new analytics enable educators to identify at-risk students and find trends in achievement data in real-time across an individual class, school, group of schools or whole school district, depending on the user’s role.

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MIDAS Data Analytics System

The MIDAS Data Analytics System, which saves and presents data in one place, is the kind of innovative product that many districts have been seeking.