MDR’s New Teachers Talk TechnologyReport Creates Snapshot of Classroom Technology Use

SHELTON, Conn. – July 18, 2018 – Today, MDR, a division of Dun & Bradstreet, released the second in its State of the K-12 Market Report 2018 series, Teachers Talk Technology, creating a snapshot of how teachers across the country are using classroom technology. More than 4,400 teachers participated in this nationwide survey and online bulletin board sharing insights about what devices, applications, websites, and other technology tools are used in schools.

The report reveals that 77 percent of teachers state that they and their students have access to wireless internet in most places in their schools. This access allows them to leverage the devices available for learning in their classrooms, with Chromebooks having the most prevalent use at 26 percent, followed by PCs (14 percent), iPads (11 percent), and Macs (3 percent). While 1:1 computing and bring your own device (BYOD) programs may get news coverage, only 12 percent of teachers reported that their students are equipped with technology both at school and at home, and just 6 percent reported that their students are allowed to use their own devices in the classroom.

Teachers shared their views on both the benefits and challenges of using technology for learning. As one said, “The programs that we have access to are getting to be so well designed that I hardly need to set up anything before turning them [students] loose, and then I can start to engage the students and ask deeper thought questions without having to worry about keeping the entire class engaged listening to a single adult.” On the converse side, a teacher expressed her frustration, “Our technology is not always dependable, so time is often wasted dealing with issues. Many of our students are not skilled at navigating on the computer and typing, so it takes longer than it should, wasting valuable time.”

“While the teachers who participated in our 2018 study were enthusiastic about their belief in the potential of technology to transform learning, they were also frank in sharing the challenges with technology in the classroom, such as a lack of resources and not enough professional development,” said Melissa Pelletier, education research editor, MDR. “Companies can use the insights in this nearly 100-page report to understand the K-12 competitive landscape and identify pockets of opportunity for developing classroom technology products that will meet the needs of today’s teachers.”

The report also features:

• An account of internet access and speeds in schools nationwide

• Teacher’s access to devices in the classroom

• Top education applications and websites

• Learning Management and Student Information System usage

• Opinions on emerging technology trends

• Qualitative feedback and commentary directly from the educators

The complete Teachers Talk Technology report can be purchased for $1,499 at Media who would like a copy of the report, contact Lisa Wolfe:, 312-953-8085.

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