itslearning Webinar Alert: Empowering Teachers, Engaging Students

WHAT: No-cost webinar for K-12 educators

PRESENTER: International education leader, Alan November

WHEN: Tuesday, March 13 at 2 PM ET


Boston, MA – Feb. 26, 2018 – Students are not engaged in the classroom like they should be, and educators are searching for ways to bridge this gap to create the best learning environment for each of their students. Modern technologies are making it easier to engage students, but choosing the right technologies to support student engagement in the classroom is a difficult task, and one with an important goal: creating learner-centered environments in which students can thrive.

On Tuesday, March 13 at 2 PM EST, renowned international education advocate, Alan November will present an informative, live webinar on “Empowering Teachers, Engaging Students.” Hosted by EdWeek, educators will learn how current shifts in education are providing teachers with the opportunity to rethink their role and grow as professionals. Various aspects of an “empowered teacher's” role will be discussed, along with strategies for developing skills and competencies in those areas. The presentation will cover technology’s role in empowering teachers, and ways teacher communities and PLNs can support professional development.

November will also make the connection between empowered teachers and engaged students. Learn how students can benefit from a focus on learner agency, peer learning/peer assessment, global perspectives, and more engaging, real-world, and personalized lessons and activities.

November is an international leader in education technology and was named one of the USA's fifteen most influential thinkers of the decade by Tech and Learning magazine. November's most recent book, Who Owns the Learning? made the education New York Times bestseller list. He has worked with schools and universities in 40 countries to improve learning through innovative practice and currently leads the globally acclaimed Building Learning Communities conference.

There is no cost to join the webinar, but registration is required. For more information go to:

Please use #EmpoweredTeacher to join the synchronous Twitter chat.

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