LEAP Innovations, Leader in Personalized Learning, Reports Impressive Double-Digit Student Gains in Schools Using Lexia Reading Core5 as their Literacy Solution

BOSTON (May 7, 2018)– Educational technology that adapts to meet the personal needs of individual students is in big demand in the pre-K-12 learning environment, with reading being a discipline where one technology-based adaptive literacy tool is driving better outcomes and learning experiences. A leader in personalized learning, LEAP Innovations, recently released a second report showing Lexia Reading Core5® to have a statistically significant, positive impact for students in Chicago Public Schools.

LEAP Innovations is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization connecting innovation and education to reinvent and transform the way children learn today. Focused on scaling personalized instructional models, the organization helps schools redesign their classroom models; implement the LEAP Learning Framework for Personalized Learning; and select and implement high-quality technology to support and test the impacts.

In their recent report, “Personalized Learning(s) From the Field,” LEAP’s research team analyzed data from LEAP Pilot Sites and Chicago public and charter schools using NWEA-(MAP) as the reading measure. Core5 was piloted in four schools with a total of 443 students and the product’s usage resulted in a 2.57-point increase in NWEA reading scores. A typical student using Core5 in the Pilot Network gained 11 additional percentile points above a typical comparison student who started with the same score (i.e., 50th percentile to the 61st percentile).

These latest findings build on the results from LEAP’s first year of piloting, in which students using Core5 gained an additional 1.42 test-score points beyond what the control group gained. Put another way, a typical student using Core5 in year one of the Pilot Network would have gained five additional percentile points above a typical comparison student starting with the same score.

“Each year, we learn more about what it takes to successfully implement high-impact innovation in schools and classrooms including which personalized learning strategies and teaching tools most impact student outcomes, and how proven strategies and tools can be put into practice.” stated Jaymes Hanna, Business Planning and Company Partnerships, LEAP Innovations. “This year is no exception—we and our educators are truly impressed with the experience and outcomes of students using Core5.”

Lexia Learning’s Core5 is a research-proven, technology-based program that accelerates the development of fundamental literacy skills for students of all abilities in grades pre-K–5. The program follows a scope and sequence built for rigorous state standards and provides explicit, systematic instruction through personalized learning paths in six areas of reading. Core5 also seamlessly adapts with student performance, targeting skill gaps as they emerge, and equipping teachers with the data and instructional resources they need to personalize instruction for every student.

At LEAP’s Match Day 2018, their annual educational product selection event in Chicago, Lexia Reading Core5 stood out for the fifth straight year as a program of high interest. Focused on personalized learning, a panel of LEAP’s independent experts in the field of reading science review applications submitted by edtech vendors from across the country and select programs to participate in Match Day based on a rigorous evaluation process. During the event, school teams had the opportunity to see the pre-selected, curated edtech products best suited to those teams’ individual needs. Lexia held meetings with 22 schools.

“Because of its unique, collaborative research process, Lexia has participated in the LEAP Innovations Pilot Network program since its inception in 2014,” said Bob McCabe, Lexia’s VP of Education and Outreach. “In partnership with the LEAP team, we’ve established strong implementations in over 30 schools thus far. This effort has allowed us to replicate results across buildings year-over-year and validate the design of our literacy program for enabling personalized learning. We look forward to seeing a fifth year of successful implementations and positive impact on student outcomes.”

A copy of LEAP’s full report can be found at: http://www.leapinnovations.org/images/LEAP_PNC2_Report_3-15-18_red.pdf

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