MeTEOR Webinar Alert: Classroom Design for Barrier-Free Collaboration

WHAT: HIGH IMPACT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT™ Webinar – Classroom Design for Barrier-Free Collaboration

WHEN:Thursday, Nov. 1, 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST


Gainesville, FL, Oct. 29, 2018– Classroom design hasn’t changed much since the industrial revolution. Typically desks are found in rows with minimal opportunities to enhance learning that research shows optimizes cognitive growth and meets the needs of all students. Understanding and managing the naturalness, individuality and engagement as a vehicle for high-impact learning in group or individual settings is what can be realized when redesign overtakes old design.

So, how can educators overcome the barriers to ensure increased engagement and learning through various modalities, structure and management of spaces that will impact learning? On Thursday, Nov. 1, MeTEOR Education™, an education solutions company that designs and implements student-centered learning environments to support accelerated engagement and an innovative learning culture, will host a free webinar that will explore the steps schools and district can take to bring break down the design barriers for improved learning collaboration.

Led by Diane Knight, a leading HIGH IMPACT LEARNING EXPERIENCE™ expert for MeTEOR Education, the one-hour webinar will give educators an opportunity to look at new concept classrooms and tackle design barriers in order to meeting the needs to today’s students and teachers.

Dedicated to making sure instructional practices are aligned to promote student engagement, collaboration and real-world authentic tasks, Diane’s career spanned 30 years in the public school system where she experienced a variety of roles; special education with an emphasis in autism and general education teacher which includes Pre-kindergarten through post-secondary, educational diagnostician, staffing specialist, district and school-based administrator and an appointed participant in the Florida Turnaround Leaders Program.

Registrants receive a recording of the presentation along with research and resource materials. Participation in the live webinar presentation is not required. For more information, go to

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