MeTEOR Webinar Alert: The Well Classroom: Increase Student and Teacher Engagement by Design

WHAT: High Impact Learning Environment Webinar – The Well Classroom: Increase Student and Teacher Engagement by Design

WHEN:Thursday, October 18, 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST


Gainesville, FL, Oct. 11, 2018– A “well classroom” is much more than a well-managed classroom. Purposeful design of both the environment and the instruction make an impact every day on how children learn. And on Thursday, October 18, MeTEOR Education™, an education solutions company that designs and implements student-centered learning environments to support accelerated engagement and an innovative learning culture, will host a free webinar that will explore the steps schools and district can take to bring wellness concepts into the modern classroom.

Led by Pam Gaschler, an instructional designer and implementation specialist for MeTEOR Education, the one-hour webinar will include a detailed look at what makes a well classroom and how can a classroom environment engage both teachers and students to ensure the best results. Educators attending the webinar will also learn ways to engage “Generation Z” in the classroom environment, the traits of a well classroom and how the children in Generation Z affect the way we teach. Participants will leave with high-impact engagement strategies to apply in their classrooms the next day.

Dedicated to making sure instructional practices are aligned to promote student engagement, collaboration and real-worl authentic tasks, Pam brings her 25+ years’ in the K-12 space to support school teachers and district administrators. Prior to joining MeTEOR Education, she served as an elementary teacher, curriculum and instruction specialist, and instructional coach.

Registrants receive a recording of the presentation along with research and resource materials. Participation in the live webinar presentation is not required. For more information, go to

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