New wysiwyg Release 41 adds exciting features, improves workflow

New wysiwyg Release 41 adds exciting features, improves workflow

CAST Software announces the release 41 of ighting design and previsualisation software. The new version brings a broad range of new features and functionality that will reinforce wysiwyg’s position as the tool of choice for lighting professionals.

Clients are continually pushing our wysiwyg users to deliver even more original, more compelling, more fantastic lighting designs, and it’s important that we help them respond to those needs,” said Dino Mazza, Product Manager.

This latest release does just that with not only new capabilities, but also features that improve user’s workflow. Many of these additions include features our users have requested resulting from constant input and feedback from wyg users.

And,” added Mazza “we’re currently working on future wysiwygenhancements that include support for 64-bit architecture, a new cloud licensing option, and the provision of student licenses.

Among the new features are:

Scaling Objects: users are now able to easily scale up, down or stretch any 3D object within wysiwyg. The Scale tool can be applied to a primitive shape, an object from wysiwyg’s library (except truss and fixtures) or objects imported from other applications.

Selection Sets: these are designed to save time by reducing the need for repetitive selection tasks. Selection Sets will save the selection information such as which objects are selected and in what order, a one-click selection shortcut can be re-used.

Support for NDIprotocol: wysiwygnow accepts NDIvideo streaming across a network. It offers a simple method to import multiple video feeds into a wysiwygdesign.

Enhancements to Rigging Points: continuing from the last release, R41 adds numerous enhancements to Rigging Point objects, and delivers new options and parameters for display on Rigging plots.

New Smoke Options: the new Smoke Turbulence, enables more dynamic, natural flow and atmospheric smoke effects. The new Ground Smoke introduces ground fog/dry ice simulation.

Light Scatter: this feature makes the Shaded View more realistic by simulating the dispersal of photons through the imperfect atmospheric medium. Its most noticeable effect is that of beams which point towards the camera appearing brighter than when they point away from it (using the same intensity).

wysiwyg R41 is available immediately and can be downloaded at: