Project Discovery Adds New Evidence-Based Practices to Adapted Career Education Series

Education Associates, developer of Project Discovery, the hands-on career education and life skills curriculum for every learner, announces additions to its Adapted Career Education Series. The Adapted Series is the only hands-on curriculum specifically designed for students who have moderate to severe cognitive disabilities, including those with autism, to explore more than 100 entry-level jobs.

Building on its commitment to providing schools with resources to make a difference in the lives of their students, Education Associates partnered with Dr. Amy Spriggs, associate professor at the Department of Special Education, University of Kentucky, to evaluate the program and recommend ways to enhance the curriculum’s impact in the classroom. Guided by Spriggs’ expertise, additions to the Adapted Series include evidence-based practices to make the curriculum even more robust and appropriate for students with autism and other developmental disabilities.

“Individuals with disabilities are eight times less likely to be gainfully employed than those without disabilities,” said Spriggs. “The Adapted Series’ video modeling, real-life pictures and tools expose students to real-life experiences that promote independence, confidence and community.”

The updated version of the Adapted Series is now available to customers and includes the following new features:

· Video modeling of all activities to capture the critical aspects of each step within a process and provide a consistent method of presenting instruction.

· Systematic instructional procedures that offer a structured approach to teaching.

· Visual supports, such as visual schedules and real-life pictures, to enhance communication skills, behavior and independence.

· Data sheets for progress monitoring and performance evaluation of each step in an activity.

· Activities to support social communication and practice real world job skills using real tools.

· Behavior supports that are implemented in a predictable order to create an environment of known expectations for students with developmental disabilities.

“Our Adapted Series was developed by educators with more than 30 years of experience working with students with special needs,” said Tim Hagan, president at Education Associates. “It’s important to us that our program supports Universal Design for Learning components and addresses all the needs of individual students so they can learn in the ways that work best for them.”

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