Symbaloo Introduces Workspaces at ISTE 2018

(Chicago, Ill.) June 19, 2018Symbaloo today announced the release of Symbaloo workspaces. With the update, Symbaloo allows all teachers and students to collaborate through a suite of new features.

Symbaloo saves teachers time by providing them a way to easily select, organize, and blend online resources. Schools and districts can compile webmixes, or collections of resources and Learning Paths, into a private gallery. Learning Paths are sequenced tiles in a board-game style that help educators create lesson plans, deliver assignments, and personalize learning. With 11 million users around the world, Symbaloo has been popular with educators for 10 years.

“After conversations with teachers, students, tech coordinators, and district and state administrators, we concluded our users needed more flexibility in how they can collaborate and share,” said Klaas Lameijer, the CEO of Symbaloo. “The challenge for every teacher is to connect the right content to the right student at the right time in the learning process. With so much digital content available, Symbaloo’s mission is to make any kind of content available for every student in the world, while keeping to our philosophy of simplicity.”

The new Symbaloo workspaces feature a user-friendly design and streamlined tools for managing content and students. New integrations with OneRoster, Classlink, Clever, and IlliniCloud help teachers share content and data with their peers, students, and administrators. With these integrations, all teacher accounts, classes, and students can be imported and synced. Symbaloo workspaces are available in PRO versions for teachers, schools, and districts.

Lameijer concluded, “With Symbaloo, we deliver teachers a platform that will help them select the content that makes every student learn in the most efficient and effective way, based on learning talent and engagement.”

At ISTE 2018, educators can experience hands-on demos of the Symbaloo workspaces at booth 1174. Symbaloo will also be hosting its annual EdTech Karaoke Party, visited by approximately 3,000 teachers.

About Symbaloo
Symbaloo is a content-integration platform where teachers use webmixes to store and share, and Learning Paths to blend their resources. Webmixes allow teachers to create visual bookmarks that help them organize their resources, save them in the cloud, and access them from anywhere, with any device. Symbaloo Learning Paths are customizable progressions that incorporate both instruction and assessment, and enable teachers to track students’ progress in real time. With Symbaloo PRO+, schools and districts can share all their resources on one or multiple personalized domain(s) and enable teacher collaboration to create and deliver personalized content for every student. To learn more, please visit

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