University of Essex responds to rapid growth with Calibre scaler-switchers

University of Essex responds to rapid growth with Calibre scaler-switchers

Calibre UK announces that the University of Essex is continuing to invest in the acquisition of the company’s HQView620A scaler-switchers. Some 40 units have already been deployed, and these will be augmented as the university brings its new STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) building online.

The Calibre HQView620A is a universal audio and video scaler-switcher based on the company’s proprietary, class-leading HQUltra 4K image processing technology. For this project, all Calibre equipment was supplied and supported by GV Multimedia in London.

The university has seen a dramatic increase in student numbers, requiring it to update all the rooms across its estate such that it has the flexibility to deliver any kind of teaching from any room. This initiative also saw the university look to substantially increase productivity by implementing a common specification and control architecture, making the rooms more intuitive for each user.

“Our fast expansion into new buildings meant that we required an AV design that was scalable and repeatable with a highly effective supply chain,” said Michael Rosevear, Development Co-ordinator for Learning Environment Technology Services at the University of Essex.

“Calibre fast became our switcher supplier of choice with the introduction of the HQView range, giving extremely fast and reliable switching and adaptable scaling to facilitate the range of inputs required by our users. The HQview range was selected in comparison to a number of alternatives, and came out favourably when compared on specification, performance and return on investment.”

The university is undertaking a move to video-over-IP, based on the SVSI system. A head end switcher scaler was required to deliver the required input density on its lecterns, and the small size of the HQView620A meant that the university was able to adopt these in most rooms and increase the speed of its roll out of video-over-IP.

“The STEM building will be primarily collaborative spaces,” continued Rosevear, “with rooms ranging from single teaching position PC labs to a collaborative suite with 23 shared work stations where the lecturer or students can present to the whole group. These rooms will all feature Calibre switchers to allow the use of PiP to display the presentation content to the group desks whilst allowing the user of the desk to continue to use their work station.”

“We’re delighted with how successful the University of Essex’s deployment of our scaler-switchers has been, and that they are helping the university to respond to the rapid growth it is experiencing and contributing to its success,” said Willy Tsai, Executive Vice President at Calibre. “Our scaler-switchers provide precisely the high degree of flexibility and scalability needed in a fast moving environment.”

Calibre’s HQUltra scaling provides best in class picture quality with low latency video processing. Featuring Calibre’s proprietary HQUltraFast input channel switching, the HQView620A is able to switch input channels in as little as a quarter of a second.

The HQView620A has a wide range of input connectivity for today’s digitally connected ProAV world, but also supports numerous legacy formats. It includes stereo analogue audio inputs and outputs with audio-follow-video capability. Two microphone inputs with phantom power are available, together with an internal mixer for talk-over.

The internal power amplifier provides 2x15W RMS to directly drive loudspeakers in meeting rooms and smaller conference rooms, plus line level balanced stereo outputs to drive an external amplifier or powered loudspeakers.

The HQView620A features front panel controls with easy to read front panel menu plus remote control via inbuilt webserver and easy to implement API commands.