Verso Learning Launches Version 2.0 of its High-Impact Teaching Product

(Orange County, CA) May 22, 2018 — Verso Learning, a leading provider of high- impact teaching resources, today announced the release of version 2.0 of its cloud-based platform. The changes incorporate extensive data and evidence from classroom usage and teacher feedback collected over the last two years. The new version will expand Verso’s capacity to support teachers to place high-impact teaching strategies at the heart of their practices.

“Every feature in the new Verso platform was designed specifically according to evidence-based research and direct teacher feedback,” said Colin Wood, the CEO of Verso Learning. “The effect is a unique teaching and professional development resource that is embedded in the classroom and focused on maximizing a teacher’s impact on student learning outcomes. Teachers can apply the most pedagogically advanced, evidence-based teaching strategies to their lesson plans and activities, and refine their approach based on continual student feedback and real-time evidence direct from the class.”

New features of version 2.0 include:

● A high-impact teaching activity creator that provides teachers suggestions and overlays to help them quickly build lessons aligned with evidence-based best practices;

● A vocabulary word-cloud feature that offers teachers real-time visibility on students’ conceptual, contextual, and academic vocabulary usage;

● Individual student-engagement tracking and an all-new activity engagement dashboard to support collective efficacy, enable teachers to better transition thinking from surface to deep, and provide more personalized feedback to each student;

● Improved library functionality to better share activities and faster, broader searching of Verso’s HITS-supported library of curriculum aligned activities;

● A My Progress tab to provide teachers with evidence-based teaching suggestions based on feedback and classroom data for targeted professional development; and

● Verso Professional Classes, shared class functionality and new collaborative strategies and structures to support teacher professional development.

In addition to the new features, Verso has made improvements to the existing dashboards, offering teachers the most comprehensive data available on both their students’ and their own performance. Teachers can more easily group students based on their individual feedback, collaborate with other teachers to refine activities, find and access high-quality activities to adapt for their classroom, and manage their own PD with evidence collected from past activities.

To learn more about the new version of Verso and to sign up for a free trial, please visit or

About Verso Learning
In 2015, a small team of edtech pioneers with a strong pedagogy and evidence focus set out to design a new suite of mobile web tools that would support visible change in schools. The result was Verso Learning. The company combines feedback and data with digital technologies to develop effective teaching strategies capable of transforming the relationship between teachers and students. The Verso Learning platform has been designed to collect evidence and data from the classroom to better target and personalize professional development. Today, Verso supports thousands of schools in more than 100 countries.

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