California Evaluates New Science Instructional Resources for the First Time in More than a Decade

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.– August 14, 2018 –Today California-based K-12 publishing company, TCI, announced that its science programs,Bring Science Alive!California Program grades K-5, Bring Science Alive! California Program grades 6-8 and Bring Science Alive!California Integrated Program grades 6-8, are recommended to the California Board of Education (CDE) to be among the new resources that school districts can choose from to support the implementation of the student-driven, hands-on and phenomena-based California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS). When evaluated by the CDE 2018 Science Adoption Review Panel, all three TCI programs were found to meet the state’s science instructional requirements and received strong recommendations. The California editions of the TCI science programs were built from the ground up to align to the new state science standards and with the guidance of an advisory board of the best minds in science instruction.

TCI’s Bring Science Alive!programs are designed to break students out of dated and not-very-exciting methods of teaching taught in schools–focusing on big picture concepts and teaching students how to “do science”—rather than just memorize facts. With TCI’s science curriculum, California teachers can drastically improve the quality of their lessons by making them more exciting for students to participate in with their classmates. Students are more likely to be engaged in their lessons when they’re no longer just reading about subjects and taking tests.

“When students learn science in a hands-on, interactive environment that also learn how to think, solve problems and make informed decisions – skills that are critical for success in school and life,” said Bert Bower, CEO and president, TCI. “As a California-based educational publisher, it is particularly exciting for TCI to participate in this new era of science instruction for our state’s students.”

This is the first time in 12 years that California has reviewed new science instructional materials. The CDE accepted submissions for science material adoption for grades K-8 in the spring of 2018 and will make recommendations for materials adoptions this month for formal adoption in the fall. The CDE adopted its Science Framework for California Public Schools in November 2016 in response to the national Next Generation Science Standards.

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