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10 Online Summer Learning Opportunities

10 Online Summer Learning Opportunities

It's that time of year again for my annual list online summer learning opportunities or programs. Being a parent of four kids, I often find myself asking what I'm going to do with them when school gets out. There are lots of options out there for parents but I wanted something that would be fun as well as educational. Over the last few years ed tech companies have started to offer online summer "schools/programs" that are affordable and keep kids mentally active. These programs help fill the learning gap that sometimes occurs over the summer months and best of all, can be done from the comfort of home.

*This list is in alphabetical order

[10 Sites for Online Tutoring/Teaching]

  1. BoomWriter Virtual Summer Camp - An innovative five day summer camp for collaborative writing where educators can earn extra money and work from their home.
  2. Brain Chase - An online five week program for grades 2-8. This adventure has students working in the subjects of math, reading, writing, and more, while watching animated episodes and solving educational problems.
  3. Connections Learning - A nice collection of technology related online courses for math and reading grades K-8.
  4. Edgenuity - A great program for districts K-12 that offers school classes or "virtual" through their online instructors.
  5. Electric Company - The Electric Company from PBS is offering a six week multimedia summer learning program that will focus on vocabulary and core math concepts.
  6. fueleducation - An excellent online program for grades 6-12 with a wide variety of courses teaching any number of subjects.
  7. GoNoodle (Camp GoNoodle) - A fun and free online program that has students learning through play and other various educational activities.
  8. K5 Learning - A online reading and math program for grades K-5th with real time results and detailed reports.
  9. Time4Learning - A fun online program for grades preK-8 in the subjects of math, science, social studies, and language arts.
  10. Treca - An eight week course for grades 9-12. Treca offers a wide range of online courses, including math, science social studies and more.

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