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30 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling

digital storytelling
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Digital storytelling is a great way for teachers to encourage the creative use of technology in learning. The process can be used with almost any subject, and with the abundance of apps and tools available, there’s one that’s right for every classroom. 

  1. 30hands Learning (opens in new tab) - A user-friendly iOS app with video tutorials to help users create a video story by adding narration to images. 
  2. Animaker Class (opens in new tab) - A drag-and-drop tool for students that also offers features such as group management, an in-app messenger, and task tracking. 
  3. Book Creator (opens in new tab) - A mobile (iOS/Chrome) app for putting together stunning eBooks and digital stories with text, audio, images, and video. 
  4. BoomWriter (opens in new tab) - A safe site for students (teachers create accounts, no student email required) to create digital stories. Once a story is published online, an actual book can be ordered. 
  5. Buncee (opens in new tab) - A digital canvas that includes an educational portal that allows educators to track and monitor student progress, create assignments, share an "Ideas Lab," and more. 
  6. Cloud Stop Motion (opens in new tab) - Create stop-motion video projects from any browser or device that can be used for digital storytelling or project-based learning. 
  7. Comic Life (opens in new tab) - A fun and easy-to-use iOS app for telling a story by creating a customized digital comic. 
  8. Elementari (opens in new tab) - Read, write, code, share, and remix interactive digital stories, portfolios, choose-your-own adventures, and more using professional illustrations and sounds. 
  9. HeadUP (opens in new tab) - Allows students to create beautiful-looking stories in various subject areas in only a matter of seconds. 
  10. Imagine Forest (opens in new tab) - Offers short writing activities and a story creator that comes with built-in story starters, artwork, and more to inspire students. 
  11. Litehouse (opens in new tab) - Shape digital stories -- in four easy steps through a state-of-the-art text editor -- that can also be published on platforms such as WordPress or Drupal. 
  12. Little Bird Tales (opens in new tab) - Students can create their own art and record their voice for stories. Also, offers interactive K-6 lessons and an iOS app for mobile learning. 
  13. Make Beliefs Comix (opens in new tab) - Students can author digital comics in different languages, plus there are educational resources and lesson ideas. 
  14. My Story (opens in new tab) - An iPad app in which a user can draw or upload a picture, add some text, and then record audio to tell their story. 
  15. Nawmal (opens in new tab) - Students can create cool animated videos and build their communication, presentation, and conversation skills at the same time. 
  16. Noisy Book (opens in new tab) - A fun iOS app that adds sound effects to stories that are read aloud and also allows users to fashion their own stories as well. 
  17. Pixton for Schools (opens in new tab) - Offers an educational portal and more than 4,000 backgrounds, 3,000 props, and 1,000 subject-specific templates for creating digital comics. 
  18. Plotagon (opens in new tab) - Users select characters, write a script, and Plotagon takes care of the rest to create an animated video. 
  19. Speech Journal (opens in new tab) - An iPad app that pairs recorded audio with a digital picture from a user’s iPhoto library to create a story. 
  20. Story Creator (opens in new tab) - Put together a digital story by syncing audio, text, video, and images. Users can also highlight text during narration to boost reading skills. 
  21. Storybird (opens in new tab) - A story sharing site with an educational portal in which students can create art-inspired stories for embedding into sites or blogs. 
  22. StoryJumper (opens in new tab) - Build a story from scratch or choose one of the story starters. Students then can add objects, text, and even upload their own art. 
  23. Storyboard That (opens in new tab) - Offers a special education edition with more than 2,000 lesson plans and activities, cross-curriculum applications, and is also FERPA, CCPA, COPPA, and GDPR compliant. 
  24. Strip Designer (opens in new tab) - An iOS digital comic app in which students can sketch, draw, mask, add warped 3D lettering and balloons, and combine everything with complex panel layouts. 
  25. Tellagami (opens in new tab) - Tell a short story by building an avatar and then recording audio. 
  26. UtellStory (opens in new tab) - Share a story through audio, images, and video, and even collaborate with others. 
  27. VoiceThread (opens in new tab) - Users upload multimedia content and record a narration, then a finished VoiceThread can then be embedded into a site or blog. 
  28. Wakelet (opens in new tab) - Wakelet lets educators bookmark any item on the web (i.e. article, blog, tweet, etc.) and then organize it into a digital story that can be shared with students or used for other communication, such as professional development. 
  29. WriteComics (opens in new tab) - A simple-to-use site for building a digital comic. 
  30. Zimmer Twins (opens in new tab) - A fun animated movie-making site with class management features. 

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