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10 Web Tools and Apps for Creating Avatars

10 Web Tools and Apps for Creating Avatars
  • Voki is a web tool and app for students to create animated talking characters to embed in blogs and animated presentations.
  • With Gabsee (iOS) students create a 3D avatar that resembles them then project the avatar anywhere with augmented reality to create adventure videos.
  • With Tellagami (iOS), students create a video with a customized character. Students can change the character’s mood, design an outfit, then record their voice or add dialogue.
  • Buddy Poke 3D (Android/iOS) allows students to create animated 3D avatars that look like them. They create an animated movie starring the avatar along with a peer’s avatar.
  • Students create characters on Plotagon (web/iOS/Android) and they star in an animated movie. Students pick a scene, add dialogue, determine the emotions, and add sound effects and music.
  • BitMoji is one of the most popular apps for creating cartoon like avatars/emojis of yourself. Your avatar is placed with several stickers and sayings so you can express yourself through text messages or on social networks.
  • Doppel Me is a web tool to create a cool graphical likeness of yourself.
  • Cuteki is a web tool where students select the costume/character to go with their style and personality. They can create holiday themed avatars.
  • Build Your Wild Self is a web tool to create a human like avatar with different animal parts.
  • Mini-Mizer is a web tool children use to create an avatar that resembles a Lego character.

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