Class Tech Tips: Chat-Based, On-Demand Tutoring Service from GradeSlam

GradeSlam is an unlimited, chat-based, on-demand tutoring service. It supports students in all subjects and levels. GradeSlam tutors are online 24/7 so students can log on anytime and speak with a tutor. This means students can access support in any time zone, any time of day – think of it like a Netflix for tutoring. All tutoring sessions are conducted via chat and with the click of a button, students can also share files and photos of their homework with their tutor.

GradeSlam is an on-demand tutoring service and operates on a monthly subscription. It costs $15 per month and gives each student unlimited access to a GradeSlam tutor. GradeSlam tutors support students in a wide range of subjects including Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Languages (French and Spanish). In recent months, GradeSlam has partnered with several high schools and universities across North America to make tutoring more accessible and affordable for all students.

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Monica Burns is a fifth grade teacher in a 1:1 iPad classroom. Visit her website at for creative education technology tips and technology lesson plans aligned to the Common Core Standards.