What It’s Like to Live Online – A Student’s Perspective

What It’s Like to Live Online – A Student’s Perspective

My students started blogging yesterday, all trying to use it as a platform to start conversations with others. I was blown away by many of their posts and thought I would share at least one. Philip’s below was one of my favorites. If you would like to see more, and they are pretty amazing, please go here.

Yes, hello. My name is Philip. However, now that we are communicating through online sources, you are to call me Pom, as that is what my friends have called me over the years online. I spend most of my time on the computer, and I enjoy playing video games. Now, you’re not safe at the moment. Allow me to explain what’s going on:

You have just fallen into a abyss, when you were exploring a mountain. This hole, led to the dimension known as “The Internet.” The Internet is a land that can only be monitored from a computer screen. It’s quite the mysterious place. Now, it is VERY important that you follow my lead. I have a bit to tell you .

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