Online Badges in the Classroom

Online Badges in the Classroom

I have been integrating a little bit of gamification into my 1:1 iPad classes with cool badges that I have been giving my students for their accomplishments in AppClass. I am actually creating my badges by myself but here are a few options for you to create yours if you like.

Mozilla Open Badges is a free tool that you can create, issue and verify digital badges. With over 200 million combinations, it gives a lot of varieties to choose from.

School Stickers lets you create truly personal stickers and badges in minutes. Simple, choose the size, shape and the background, enter your text and voila! Your badge is ready to be printed.

ClassBadges is another tool that you can award badges to students. Using your teaching account, you can award customized badges for your classroom. Through their accounts, students can view their earned badges or the badges they have yet to earn. The students can also embed badges on blogs, portfolios or their websites.

Credly is another favorite one that can be used to create badges and share them online. It also gives you a chance to upload your own design as well.

MakeBadges is another quick tool to create a badge and download it immediately.

Badges both online and printed, offer feedback and self-assessment opportunities, making the process more interactive and game-like. They help students to share their accomplishments and achievements with the outside world.

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