What Comes First: Education or Technology?

There's an interesting proposition in the article The death of the digital native: four provocations. Provocation 4 states:

“I want to get people to start from the notion that there are educational things that they want to do, or educational processes that they would like to engage with, and then - and only then - talk about the technology.” — The death of the digital native...

The technology affects educational practice: it is not neutral. Photo from pexels.com CC0

I've come across this many times before. Indeed, I used to espouse it myself. These days, I no longer believe it to be true. At least, not completely true, all of the time.

It seems to me that almost every kind of technology we use in the classroom started life outside the classroom. Then someone said "Hey, I can use that in my lessons!" Think of word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software, slide projectors, videos.... The list goes on and on.

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