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What I've Been Reading: Perfect ICT Every Lesson

What I've Been Reading: Perfect ICT Every Lesson

This book by Mark Anderson, aka @ICTevangelist, is, I have to say, pretty good. Although it's not very long (129 pages before we get on to the references section), it packs in a lot of good, practical advice.

There are good sections on the SAMR and SOLO models, though Bloom's Taxonomy seems to have been omitted -- perhaps because it is already familiar to many teachers.

I liked the fact that the ideas are not only good, but doable. Also, it's good that Anderson provides information about useful programs along with their website addresses.

It's pocket-sized, and I think if I were new to use education technology in the classroom then I'd carry this around with me and dip into it every so often for inspiration.

I have to admit to having some doubts about this book even before I opened it.

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Terry Freedman is an independent educational ICT consultant with over 35 years of experience in education. He publishes the ICT in Education website and the newsletter “Digital Education."