Folded Story – Creative Writing

Folded Story – Creative Writing

A folded story is a way of writing a story with a group of people that we actually use in the classroom. Different people write different sentences to complete a story by reading only the part that the person before them wrote. You fold your paper and then pass it along the class and the whole story remains as a secret until the last person writes his or her part.

Folding Story is the web tool version of this creative writing game where you can create short collaborative stories with others from scratch or by contributing the stories that are started by others. You can invite people to join and contribute to your stories.

After you sign up, you can read the other people’s stories, create one from scratch or add the written stories. And the best part is that you write by only writing 140 characters and you have only four minutes to post your part of your story. When you are done, you can share your story through a link, Facebook or a Twitter.

This can be a great way to motivate our stories to improve their creative writing skills and a good challenge for high achievers. Hit the link today to try.

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