Class Tech Tips: RefME Plus Released: Cite as you write in MS Word

Class Tech Tips: RefME Plus Released: Cite as you write in MS Word

The folks at RefME have just released RefME Plus! As a doctoral student, I know how important it is to make sure you are using a citation tool to stay organized as you write. This citation tool now lets you write the bibliography a report, research paper, you name it – without leaving Microsoft Word. As you write, RefME Plus also lets users add quotes using your smartphone camera. If you’ve used the RefME citation tool before you know that is a helpful resource for managing references in a text, a bibliography and in-text citations. You can collect research and keep track of citations with the help of RefME.

What can you do with the RefME Plus citation tool?

RefME Plus takes this citation tool to the next level. You can write and manage your bibliography from right within Word 2016 for Windows and Mac, or on Word for iPad. It lets you rearrange your projects to fit your own system of organization. One of the coolest parts of RefME Plus is how it turns printed text into digital text using your smartphone camera to save a quote. With the official release of RefME Institute there is now a university license that gives all students RefME Plus at a discounted rate, including learner analytics and more.

Visit RefME’s website to find out more about RefME Plus!

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