11 Great EdTech Podcasts

11 Great EdTech Podcasts

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to learn new information, be inspired, be challenged, discover creative practices in education, find out about the latest resources, and even be entertained.

Best yet, we all have busy lives, so podcasts fit in wonderfully to my schedule, allowing me to listen when driving to work or to a training, or mowing the yard, or going for a jog (which I need to do more often).

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These eleven examples all focus on EdTech and consistently provide me with valuable information and resources. There are many more podcasts I could recommend, and perhaps they can be part of a future post, such as those covering education in general (The Cult of Pedagogy, Teaching Keating, Sustainable Teaching, 10 Minute Teacher, etc.) or interesting information (99% Invisible, No Such Thing as a Fish, RadioLab, Freakonomics, Tell Me Something I Don't Know, Reply All, The Allusionist, Science Vs, etc.)See below for details on eleven of my favorite educational technology podcasts (in alphabetical order). If you are new podcasts, hopefully this will encourage you to try out a few. If you already listen, maybe you will pick up a couple new shows from the list.

Listening to Podcasts

Before we jump into the list, if you are new to podcasts, here are some quick options for how you can listen to them:

  • On your computer - Most all podcasts have an associated website where you can find and play all of their episodes right from your web browser.
  • On your phone - On my Android phone I have used Podcast Addict and Google Play Music, but am currently using the Pocket Casts app. Apple provides its own Podcast app for iOS devices, or you can choose from many more apps in the iTunes store. For more details on your options for both Android and iOS, see this great review of 20 podcasts apps from Tom's Guide.

For each of the podcasts listed below you can simply search for the title in your podcast app to locate and subscribe to them. For those that have direct subscriptions links for iOS or Android, I have included those links as well.

Helpful hint: Most podcast players allow you to adjust the playback speed. You can listen much faster than people can talk, so you can save even more time by playing episodes at a faster pace. Depending on the podcast, my sweet spot is between 1.6X and 1.8X the normal speed. The only drawback is when I happen to hear the hosts speak in real life, they sound sort of sad as they speak at such a slow rate.

2) EdTech Bites
Gabriel interviews educators and innovators to talk about educational technology and their favorite foods, and often how the two relate.

3) EdTech Rewind
Clint and Lee discuss what is going on in EdTech and beyond, and often include a guest from the world of education and technology.

  • Hosts - Clint Winter (@clintwinter) and Lee Green (@itsleegreen)
  • Listen online - click for link
  • Subscribe on iTunes - click for link
  • Subscribe with RSS feed - click for link

4) EdTech Situation Room
A weekly podcast and live webshow, featuring analysis of current technology news through an educational lens.

5) TLC Ninja Teachers
Tech. Learn. Coffee. Lisa and Nancy have a little coffee and talk innovation in the classroom to help bring out the innovator in you (in only 15 minutes because "ain't nobody got more time than that!)

6) TOSAs Talking Tech
Two teachers talking about Technology Integration, giving ideas, troubleshooting, talking about SAMR and why we need tech in classrooms.

7) The EdTech Take Out
The EdTech Take Out is a podcast with "bite-sized technology tips" for teachers who are looking for innovative ways to use technology in the classroom.

8) The Google Teacher Tribe
Weekly podcast designed to give K-12 educators practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools.

9) The House of EdTech
Chris shares stories from teachers and creators about education technology, and recommends valuable tools, tips, and resources to integrate technology into your classroom and instruction.

10) The Teachercast Podcast
Join Jeff and the world's finest educators and educational technology creators as they discuss the latest in educational tech and pedagogy.

11) Wired Educator Podcast
Kelly interviews educators from around the world on technology, best practices, and what really works inside and outside of the classroom.

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Eric Curts is an education trainer and consultant with over 20 years' experience throughout the U.S. He is an authorized Google Education Trainer and a Google Certified Innovator. Read his blog at www.controlaltachieve.com and follow him on Google+ and @ericcurts on Twitter.