People I’ve Never Met That You Might Follow

People I’ve Never Met That You Might Follow

My friend Paul McGuire is doing a session at our upcoming Day of Discovery event in Ottawa and asked me for some people I’d recommend to follow on Twitter. I was hesitant to respond because I feel it’s a fairly personal choice. So rather than giving handles via Twitter, I thought I’d blog about it to also show that the this is likely a better medium to have more contextual conversations.

In addition, I thought I’d challenge myself to share the handles of people that I’ve never met, yet still think are worth following on Twitter. It’s easy for me to recommend folks I know because I read them in context and understand their voice. Twitter is a hard space to figure that out without significant time investment. Here are a few people I think have something to offer that I’ve not met but know after reading them for some time.

@wmchamberlain I’ve known Will for a long time but only online. I’m not sure if he’s ever spoken on a big stage but I would consider him a thought leader. He’ll challenge you as well as encourage you. Personable and wicked smart.

@sylviaduckworth Sylvia has become a go-to person for sketch noting. She captures big ideas in a very digestible, elegant way.

@jesslahey Jessica is a wonderful writer and thinker. She writes and shares some of the most prolific thoughtful articles.

@daveowhite David is the creator of the visitor vs resident idea. He’s helped me rethink many ideas around digital citizenship. I also like that he’s not from North America.

@mrrobbo The PE Geek is your follow for all things Physical Education and technology.

@cultofpedagogy Jennifer is a very giving educator who shares and connects in multiple platforms. I like her conversational and approachable nature.

@Super70sSports As I’ve mentioned many times before, my time on Twitter is not entirely professional, in fact, I’d say it’s more for social and giggles. This follow is wonderful if you’re a sports fan and grew up in the 70’s. It’s nostalgic and funny and often inappropriate so beware.

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