Class Tech Tips: LiveBinders Teacher Organization Tool: Curate, Collaborate & More!

Class Tech Tips: LiveBinders Teacher Organization Tool: Curate, Collaborate & More!

How do you keep track of all of your favorite resources? Do you have a system for staying organized? The folks at LiveBinders have an awesome tool to help teachers stay organized. They understand that teachers search online to find great ideas and resources to bring into their lessons. LiveBinders is a teacher organization tool that lets you can keep all of the resources you collect in one place.

LiveBinders Teacher Organization Tool

LiveBinders lets teachers organize all of their favorites resources into digital binders to keep these ideas all in one place. Users can efficiently organize hundreds of links and resources they’ve found online or collected over the years. LiveBinders integrates Google Docs, YouTube, and even Twitter since they know that connected educators are gathering ideas from lots of different places.

Instead of a USB drive with different folders for documents, LiveBinders lets teachers create a space online to access with any device. You don’t have to worry about misplacing a thumb drive or whether or not there is enough space for the PDF document or image files you want to keep for later.

Curate, Collaborate & More

In addition to the organizational benefits, LiveBinders makes it easy to find and use resources. You can set up collaborative binders so any number of educators can collect resources in one place. This collaboration could happen inside of your school with teachers gathering resources for an upcoming unit as a grade level team. It might also happen outside of the walls of your school, district or state with collaboration between educators who have connected over different networks. LiveBinders actually lets hundreds of educators collaborate in real-time, simultaneously to organize and share favorite resources all in one place.

I was recently cleaning out a few closets with binders full of resources from my days in the classroom. I couldn’t help but think about how much I struggled with page protectors, three hole punchers, and dividers to organize my favorite resources for my classroom. Times have changed and with technology tools like LiveBinders we can keep our own favorites better organized – and collaborate with other educators.

Live binders is easy to use, works across a wide variety of devices (tablets, PCs, Chromebooks, etc.) and available to the public for free. Visit LiveBinders’ website to get started today!

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