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5 Tenets of Choice

5 Tenets of Choice

I have long believed in putting the “person” back in personalized learning. In creating engaging classroom experiences with our students as we try to help them discover how they learn best and what they still need to grow in. However working in the public school system in a state that has mandates and tests to take, means that we sometimes cannot just do whatever we want as we explore 7th grade English. Means that I am not always able to tell my students to create whatever they want and make it work within our standards. Means that sometimes we all do the same lesson or produce a similar outcome. Even if I work in a district that is focused on doing what is best for each child and puts immense trust in its teachers. Even if at my core I believe that children need to feel like they have control in their learning experience so that they will invest themselves. And I think this is the reality for many teachers that are trying to do their best in engaging all of their learners. So how do we truly create experiences where students feel empowered and engaged and have choice, even when it is not free rein at all times?

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Mass consumer of incredible books, Pernille Ripp helps students discover their superpower as a middle school teacher in Oregon, Wisconsin. She opens up her educational practices and beliefs to the world on her blog and is also the creator of the Global Read Aloud Project, a global literacy initiative that since 2010 has connected more than 1,00,000 students. Her book Passionate Learners - How to Engage and Empower Your Students is helping teachers change the way students feel about school. Her other book Empowered Schools, Empowered Students is meant to give others the courage to change. Follow her on Twitter @pernilleripp.