Class Tech Tips: Education Book Spotlight: If I Were a Wizard by Paul Hamilton

Class Tech Tips: Education Book Spotlight: If I Were a Wizard by Paul Hamilton

How are you introducing coding concepts to your students? Fellow Apple Distinguished Educator Paul Hamilton has just published a fantastic read aloud book for students titled If I Were a Wizard. In this picture book, students are introduced to a variety of coding concepts through storytelling. The main character of the book imagines that they are a wizard who can make the lives of their family members and friends better. Within the pages of If I Were a Wizard students will hear examples of coding principles in action.

Coding Picture Book for Kids

Introducing coding principles to students can be an intimidating task, especially for educators (myself included) who don’t feel like they are a whiz at computer science. What I liked so much about this book is how it lays a foundation for a great discussion into the way technology connects to our everyday lives. Through storytelling, Paul’s children’s book makes these concepts relevant to students of all ages.

In this picture book you’ll find a special section in the last few pages with information on how different parts of the story connect to computer science principles. You might decide to choose one element to spend time on or have students decide which area they would like to explore. As much as I love the Hour of Code celebrated by schools across the world in December, providing opportunities for students to explore problem solving, logic, and computer science principles is essential during all parts of the school year. I know you’ll agree that If I Were a Wizard is a great text to use when you want to get your students’ wheels spinning as they make connections to the foundations of computer science.

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