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Class Tech Tips: Women’s History Month Video Playlist from YouTube

Class Tech Tips: Women’s History Month Video Playlist from YouTube

Video clips can help students access information and thanks to online platforms like YouTube it’s easier than every to find multimedia to share in your classroom. Although YouTube has an overwhelming amount of videos to search through, organizations will often create channels or playlists to help users find the perfect set of video clips. There is a special Women’s History Month video playlist from YouTube put together by the 43rd Treasurer of the United States, Rosie Rios.

The playlist created by Rosie Rios is titled “Super Women of Our Past” and includes over two dozen videos. Students can learn about the lives of a range of figures from Eleanor Roosevelt to Grace Hopper, as well as the women featured in the graphic below. You can access the full playlist on YouTube and the YouTube Kids app.

There are lots of reasons that this list of videos can come in handy during Women’s History Month – or any month of the school year. Perhaps your students are studying informational text structure and can use one of these videos as part of their research for a biography project. Maybe your students are reading about strong characters in a novel and one of these videos could be used to compare and contrast character traits with a notable figure.

Sending students home to watch one of these clips as part of a flipped classroom model can prepare them for whole class or small group discussions on topics like perseverance, determination and grit. Providing students with role models and sharing stories they might never have heard before can inspire students to try something outside of their comfort zone or dive deeper into a new topic. On this playlist you’ll find a concise introduction video and plenty of bite-sized clips to choose from.

Check out all the videos by visiting the “Super Women of Our Past” video playlist on YouTube and the YouTube Kids app!

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