Classroom Research for the Computing and ICT Teacher

Classroom Research for the Computing and ICT Teacher

Illustration by Mary, CC0

You've had a great idea for teaching, I dunno, let's say algorithms. How do you know if it will work though, ie in the sense of extending or deepening pupils' knowledge?

The first thing to do would be to find out if anyone else has tried the idea. You could do so by doing searches in Google and Youtube. Also, you could ask in the Computing At Schools community discussion forums, or one of the Facebook groups. (The one I especially like is called ICT and Computing Teachers, which is a closed group, meaning that you'll have to ask permission to join.)

Once you've thought your idea through, and perhaps discussed it with others. so that you're reasonably sure it stands a good chance of benefitting your pupils, this is also a great opportunity for some classroom-based research. Bear in mind a few caveats though.

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