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Here’s an award-winning children’s literacy website:
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Here’s an award-winning children’s literacy website: Storyline Online 

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Storyline is an online website that streams videos featuring celebrities reading children books with the books’ illustrations. Also, each book has supplemental activities for both teachers and parents that we can use after listening the books. The activities aim at strengthening comprehension, verbal and written skills of English language learners. 

That’s a cool website that we can use in the classrooms or recommend our students and parents to help the children’s literacy and improve their lives. 

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Özge Karaoglu is an English teacher and educational consultant in teaching young learners and teaching with web-based technologies. She is the author of Minigon ELT book series, which aims to teach English to young learners through stories. Read more of her ideas about teaching English through technology and Web-based tools at



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If you are looking for a cool website that you would like to recommend your students to practice listening in a nice way, here is Just Books Read Aloud.

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Consider it like an online canvas where you can write or draw with a pencil or a marker, erase things, change colors and also add pictures that you have uploaded before.