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Creating a Personal Learning Network

    by David Andrade Cross posted at http 2009 11 creating personal learning network pln.html What is a PLN? A PLN is a way for you to make connections and share ideas and resources. You have one with
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by David Andrade

What is a PLN? A PLN is a way for you to make connections and share ideas and resources. You have one with colleagues that you work with. You can also have one online where you can reach and connect with educators from around the state, country, and world. Talk about a great resource!

Quotes about PLN's:

@kylepace:Because of this PLN,not only do I grow professionally, but I have made professional connections and friendships around the world

@wmchamberlain: #edchata PLN lets us access the best of the best, not just someone close by. "Dont I deserve the best?" Gaston

@djainslie: My PLN opened the world to me 'the world is open'

@JasonFlom: PLN's flatten the world, removing barriers to collaboration, corroboration, and general camaraderie.

@wmchamberlain: #edchata pln gives me hundreds of intelligent people to solve my problem. Whats not to love?

@cybraryman1: A PLN is a collection of interconnected minds that share ideas and information.

Functions of a PLN: Connect - Collaborate - Contribute

Benefits of a PLN: Teachers become: Aware, Connected, Empowered, Confident, LEARNERS!

(oh, and everything listed here is FREE!)

How to get started with a PLN:

  • Sign up for an account with one of the resources. Start looking around and find people and groups with the same interests as you.
  • Ning-Classroom 2.0, Discovery Educator Network, PBS Teacher Connect and Google Educators Forum are great places to start.
  • With Twitter - follow someone you know, like me (@daveandcori) and see who they follow.

Some other educators to follow on Twitter: @rmbyrne, @web20classroom.

  • Search for blogs and web sites that cover topics you are interested in and subscribe to them via email or RSS feed. See who they follow and blogs they subscribe to also.

Resources for PLN:

Classroom 2.0 - Great site for 21st Century Learning

  • Google Reader - - read RSS feeds - embed in iGoogle
  • Twitter - via Twitter Gadget (works in school) - embed in iGoogle

Here is a list of resources and people in my PLN.

Follow on Twitter: (I follow over 70 Tweeters right now, and I will be expanding - these are my main influences)

Edutopia, TechLearning, Discovery Education (DEN), rmbyrne, web20classroom,

Rstoup, TeachPaperless, Darcy1968, DoremiGirl, smeech, robchulcas,

Twitter Resource:


Discovery Educator Network

Classroom 2.0

Google for Educators

National Science Teachers Association

Some of the Blogs I follow:

Free Technology for Teachers


Technology Tidbits

Tech&Learning TL Advisor Blogs (which you are reading now)

The Innovative Educator

Dangerously Irrelevant



Once you start following some blogs and people on Twitter, you will start to find more blogs and people to add to your own Personal Learning Network. I find my PLN to be invaluable to me as an educator and I look forward to seeing what they have to offer each day.

David Andrade

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