Do you have a Responsibility? by Scott Meech

Yes, I am preparing for NECC, just as so many others at this time of year. While I have the opportunity to attend a lot of local conferences and several abroad while I was teaching overseas, I must admit that this is only my 2nd NECC conference. The cost has always been to high in respect to time and money. Well, I was recently asked, "Is the conference worth the cost?". While I immediately answered yes as I wanted to justify the money and time being spent, I began to think about something else beyond that initial defensiveness.

What are my responsibilities for having the privilege of attending NECC?

I wrote a post last year after attending NECC that irritated some of my colleagues because they thought I was calling them out personally. Well, maybe I was and still am... I want to know if you think people have a responsibility when they attend NECC. What is the responsibility of the "Newbie"? What is the responsibility of the "Seasoned Veteran"? What are the responsibilities of the most well known of our niche the "Edublogosphere"?

Here is what I see as my responsibilities this year:

  1. Bring back as much specific knowledge for how classroom teachers can embrace technology in their classroom with specific curricular examples as possible.
  2. Expand my "Personal Learning Network" by embracing as many professional relationships as possible.
  3. Explore new strategies for approaching resistant educators and solidify my "Elevator Speech" and "Board of Education Messages".
  4. Form foundations of collaboration for our district staff and myself.
  5. Take my own advice and seek out a minimum of 10 attendees that I can "read" as complete newbies and start a conversation with them.
  6. Seek out conversations with those that can help me hone my communication and persuasive skills so I can become a "Prophet in my own Backyard".
  7. Balance attending presentations from those I already know and embrace conversations with those who are not embedded in the "Walled Garden" of believers.

Basically, I think it all comes back to setting some achievable goals and taking on some responsibility for attending NECC. I just hope many of us don't just isolate ourselves in a cocoon of the like minded! Break free and embrace some disagreement if you get a chance...

Basically, if you are "lucky" enough to have the time and money to attend NECC, do you have any responsibility because of that privilege? I want to know, what is your responsibility?

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