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Get Ready for TEDxRedmond by Bob Sprankle

After talking to many people this week, I realize that I need to start this article by first directing people to TED (http ). During my conversations, many people had never heard of TED. TED is "a small nonprofit
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After talking to many people this week, I realize that I need to start this article by first directing people to TED ( During my conversations, many people had never heard of TED. TED is "a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design." Close to a thousand presentations from the TED conferences can be found free in multiple places on the Internet (if you're looking for Sarah Silverman's talk, however, good luck). If you've never experienced one of the videos, the iTunes TEDTalks video channel is one of the easiest ways to find plenty of talks that will "blow your mind" by really, really smart and amazing people. It's great that all these talks can be accessed for free, because going to the actual TED conference is a bit pricey ($6000).

Recently, TED has started the "TEDx" program which "is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level." Most of these events are free. You need to be granted a license by TED to host a TEDx event (details here), but TEDx events are taking off like wild fire. There's even TEDx for Kids.

Next Saturday (September 18, 2010), such an event will be taking place in Redmond, WA, hosted by Adora Svitak, a former TED keynoter (at the age of 12). The gathering is focused on “Power to the Students” in order to "to inspire the new generation to do great things." Adora is attempting the first "TEDx for Kids" where the entire organizing committee is formed by kids, the speakers will be entirely comprised of kids, and the attendees will be entirely kids (except for their proud family members who begged to come along... see below).

You can learn all about TEDxRedmond at the site for the event, and if you're not able to "hop a plane" and get to Washington, then you'll be able to watch the entire event live here, starting at 2:00pm PST, on September 18.

I am fortunate enough to actually be a member of the audience, as ---full disclosure--- my daughter will be one of the presenters. I hope to bring back great ideas, podcasts, and interviews and will certainly share them on my "Bit by Bit" blog.

Enough from me... here's Adora Svitak explaining it all much better than me. "Power to the Students."

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