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A to Z Web Tools: J+K

Here are the next two letters on the alphabet: J and K 
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Here are the next two letters on the alphabet: J and K

Jingis a tool to take a picture of your screen. It’s a good alternative to the print screen button on the keyboard. You can decide on the size of your screen shot, upload it to your computer as a jpg or get a link for your picture. You can also make a short video of your screen by recording your voices.

JustPasteitis a tool to share text or link with others in a very easy way. Do just as they say: Just paste it.

JogtheWeblets you create, read and share websites with your own input like a web book.

ImageSplitteris a tool to resize, convert, split and crop your images online.

Join.me allows you to share your screen with others.

Jabberwacky is an artificial intelligence that learns from every word you write.

JayCut lets you edit your movies online.

JamStudiois a tool to create and mix music.

Kerpoof is a site where you can create original artwork, animated movies, stories, greeting cards and more. 

Kakomessengeris a fun text to-speech application. It’s a singing telegram machine that will sing your text. You choose between two singers, Gina and Humphrey, write your text and let the singers sing them for you.

Kadoois a video sharing cloud which can help you to share your videos privately or public.

Kidzui is a tool where you can get a free kids' browser for safe internet. 

Kwoutis a way you quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map.

Kruchuslets you put multiple links into one and share it with others.

Kaywais tool to generate QR codes.

KidBlogis a platform where you can get your students easy and simple blogging.

Kizoais a tool to create video slide shows with pictures, musics, effects and text.

Kicksendlets you send files of any size.

Kukuklok is an online alarm clock that wakes up with different sounds.

Kideosis a site where you can find videos for your kids.

Kabongo is a tool to find games for reading.

Keybrhelps you to learn typing faster with fewer errors.

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The next letter on the series is: I iSpeech is another text-to-speech application that will convert  your text (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, blogs, RSS feeds etc.) content into audio with minimal effort, no software installation and no technical expertise. You can download it, podcast it or embed it to your blog or your website. ImageLoop is a similar site. It also allows you to create an online version of any pdf and powerpoint presentation. You can also use both these sites as a free upload of your images. iCue is a fun, innovative learning environment built around video from NBC News Archives. It is designed to help students with access to thousands of current and historic videos and other resources such as fun games and activities.It also has pop quizzes, game challenges and interactive activities. Instapaper is a simple tool to bookmark the sites to read later. You can come back anytime to read it. Iclippy captures your work from screen, camera, or scanner to an online clipboard without having to save the pictures to the local computer first. Incredibox is a tool to discover the musical universe with “human beat box” sounds created by the artist. iWriteLike lets you find out which writer you write like analyzing your word choice and writing style. iCyte is a site to bookmark webpages and pdf’s exactly as you see them. It’sAlmost is a cool countimer. Just write the date and the time to count down! ILovePDF is a tool to merge different PDF Files or split one PDF into different documents.   This blog or the author are not responsible for any inappropriate images/text/ads of the external links. Please double check before you use it with your students.

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