Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: Down Syndrome Symposium Apps

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: Down Syndrome Symposium Apps

April 28th was the annual Down Syndrome Symposium, “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams – Getting Connected,” presented by the Aim High Resource Center and the Center for Disability Services. What a wonderful day, filled with a keynote talk by Michael Robert Cardella. Michael was born in 1978 with Down syndrome. Today he speaks at various venues to talk about his ability, not his disability.

As the featured speaker for the symposium, I wanted to share my knowledge about the iPad and how it can assist students with special needs. I presented my favorite apps and demonstrated how they could assist students with their IEP goals. The rest of the day was filled with breakout sessions, which included more information on the iPad, Assistive Technology Freeware, and AAC devices. Over 100 parents, therapists and teachers attended. Below are the apps presented at the event.

Starfall ABC (opens in new tab) $2.99 - ABC learning, phonic app

Pocketphonics lite (opens in new tab) Free- paid version $2.99- Letter writing, Phonics

Teach me (opens in new tab) $.99 - Toddler, K, First Grade, Second Grade- Early math skills, spelling, and writing

My Name (opens in new tab) $3.99 - Learn to write your own name, alphabet and basic word cards

Fun with Directions (opens in new tab) $.99 - Full version $9.99- auditory, visual following directions

Proloquo2Go (opens in new tab) $189.00 - AAC app

Memory Tricks- Fun way to increase memory skills

SuperWhy (opens in new tab) $3.99 - Four games is one- rhyming, letter, answering sentences, writing skills and letter hunt

*DoodleCast for Kids (opens in new tab) $1.99 - Creative app that records your voice, draw pictures

Making Sequences (opens in new tab) $4.99 - Built in sequences from alphabet to going to school. Place pictures in sequential order and listen to the story.

Montessori Crosswords (opens in new tab) $2.99 - Three levels to teach spelling

Storyrobe (opens in new tab) $.99 - A creative way to present stories- social stories, visual schedule. Add your pictures and voice.

Jungle Coins (opens in new tab) $2.99 - Five levels of learning coins

Preposition Remix (opens in new tab) Prepositions: in front, behind, etc

Reading Pal (opens in new tab) $.99 - Make your own spelling tests

Word Bingo (opens in new tab) $.99 - Dolch sight words- Pre Primer-Third grade

Pattern Recognition (opens in new tab) $.99 - Kindergarten level and first grade level- learning about patterns using, colors, animals, and shapes

Word Wizard (opens in new tab) $2.99 - Spelling quizzes and moveable alphabet

Interactive Telling time (opens in new tab) $2.99 - Set time, what’s the time, quizzes and more

Splashmath Grades 1-5 complete math program

Questionit (opens in new tab) $9.99 - Practice "wh" questions from sorting, sentences and paragraphs

*Talk’n Photo (opens in new tab) $2.99 - Take photos, add your own words- great for anyone who is non-verbal or has word retrieval difficulties.

*Great inexpensive creative apps!

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.