Engrade - free online gradebook expands with new features

Engrade - free online gradebook expands with new features

Engrade is a free, online gradebook that I used for many years before our school system got an online gradebook that integrates with our student information system. Engrade is easy to use and students and parents could view the grades and attendance at any time.

Over 4.5 million teachers, administrators, parents and students use Engrade in all 50 states and 150 countries. It's very popular and powerful.

Engrade has started a premium feature, starting at $600, for schools and districts to use. EngradePlus adds attendance, discipline, conference tracking, data analysis, email and SMS alerts, messaging and more, making it a true student information system. The teacher version is still free for individual teachers to use.

Engrade is free, easy to use, and powerful for teachers. EngradePlus brings a full featured student information system to schools and districts. There is minimal learning curves involved due to the design of the system and teachers will feel comfortable using it.


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