Ready For A Walk? (by Jennifer Wagner)

A few days ago, while chatting with my friend, Ryan Bretag (, I was questioning him on how he was able to persuade his teachers, his staff, his co-workers to follow him. I wanted to know....I needed to he was leading.

His response stopped me in my tracks.

they aren't walking with me. I'm walking with them & they were walking before me. I just bring a diff perspective 4 that journey
9:12 PM Feb 26th via web in reply to jenwagner

Well, that was a splash of cold water straight into my face.

How often, I feel the need to LEAD my my vision.
How often, do I come back from a conference ready for change.......yet stop to listen to other ideas.
How often do I pick up the machete, or turn on the flashlight, grab the steering wheel and say "follow me, I know the way"......when in fact, there might be many different ways that still reach the final destination.

I continued to think of this conversation over the weekend as well into the new week at work. And then today, I was able to see Ryan put his words into action as he invited many of his Learning Community to join in a discussion at his school through etherpad. (

I especially liked the title of the conversation "the power of us".

The wisdom of many voices truly extends the vision of all. Something I need to remember.....something I need to practice......something that will make our campus better and not just inflate my ego.

I am still getting my mind around this one.....having some issues I need to get over -- control issues it seems.....but it is something that last week was not even a consideration in my mind....and is now forefront in my mind.

And I wonder....what are you doing on your campus......on your walk?? on your walks??
are you ready to hand off the machete, pass the flashlight to another person, scoot over to the passenger seat, to listen to other ideas??

Are you ready for the walk.....which you might not lead??

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