Today's Newsletter: Nancy Caramanico on Play & PD

Have you ever watched a toddler with a cell phone? Have you ever been amazed as they navigate apps and quickly navigate menus? They are engaged. They interact. They celebrate when they learn something new. They PLAY! As teachers are settling in to back-to-school professional development days, are they being given the right kind of learning environment? Are they sitting and watching, or are they getting hands on time--getting to play? Look at the Pew Internet research and you'll see that personal tech use by adults is expanding rapidly. Planning for new forms of professional development is essential today. As Carl Hooker points out in his School CIO post on professional development, we need to let teachers 'act like kids' as is advocated in MIT's program. We see the growth of Edcamp-like learning. We see the growth of virtual learning programs. We see the growth of connected educators and PLNs. Whether you are planning PD for teachers or learning on your own--make it fun, make it collaborative, make it social. Make it effective for teaching and learning! -- Nancy Caramanico