Tis the Season to be iJolly, Part 1

Rock your season with some of these items to make your iPad really special!

Touchfire $49.95- Do you prefer a keyboard to the iPad Keypad? Do you also dislike all the cords? Well, usually I tell my students don’t touch fire, but here is one case you can! The Touchfire is made of silicone with magnets on either side to hold in place. To move, just roll right with your “Apple Smart Case” and it’s away. It comes with a sleek case to carry in your bag. If you have not memorized the QUERTY keyboard, don’t worry—you can see right through the silicone.

The Hand Stylus
The problem with rubber styluses is that the rubber deteriorates and many students like to pick at the rubber, leaving you without a tip. With this in mind, here are few for this week.

LUNATIK $19.95- $39.95 for the Alloys Pen/Stylus- I must say I was skeptical at first when I noted the pen and the stylus came out of the same space., but both wrote beautifully. If you like a thick grip this is the stylus and pen for you!

LUNATIK CHUBBY-Stylus-$19.99 This is a soft touch silicone grip and capacitive, high-grade silicone rubber tip. Great for kids who are just learning how to hold a pen. Comes in kid-friendly neon colors.

GoSmart: $24.95+ shipping. Two pens for two different mind-sets:

  • 200 Series - simple styluses with magnetic capability to stick to your iPad or Mini.
  • 300 Series – very “cool” aerodynamic made from solid aerospace aluminum.

Both pens have a disc tip made of a Teflon-coating. The tip is spring-loaded, enabling you to draw your next Picasso or your notes for your teacher meeting- this stylus will meet both standards. Good fit for all hands.

Hand Stylus $29.95 + 5.95 shipping. Here is a great grip with a set of six tipping points (purchased separately). The stylus comes in a beautiful case, perfect for the holidays. The green stylus is made from recycled materials. This pen is very delicate, making is nice for people who like a thin pen. It has a push tip retractor and fits well in a pocket shirt. The stylus comes with a 30-day repair, replacement or refund guarantee. The company also provides a one-year guarantee on the Hand Stylus, except for the normal wear on the tips.Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.