Raising Modern Learners, A Great New Site For Parents and Educators

Raising Modern Learners, A Great New Site For Parents and Educators

I wanted to draw your attention to a new site for parents that talks about the evolving world that our children will inherit and how we can best support their learning endeavors to prepare them for their futures. The site, Raising Modern Learners, was launched just over a week ago by Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon, a couple of parents who happen to also be highly regarded educators. The reasoning behind the creation of the site by Richardson and Dixon is as follows:

"The world of education and the future of work are being transformed by the networked, connected, global moment in which we live, and there’s no question the opportunities and challenges our children face will be much different the ones we faced growing up. As parents, we need to make sense of that in order to best guide our kids forward. With the overwhelming amount of information online, we know you don’t have the time (or, in many cases, the energy) to keep track of it all. Our mission at RML is to help you stay abreast of not just what’s shifting, but what those shifts mean for the your kids’ futures. We’ll provide the best links and the most thoughtful analysis of what it all means in a timely, easy-to-read package once a week."

The most recent post on the site (First Take: Here a Screen, There a Screen, Everywhere a Screen Screen…A Good Thing for our Kids?) provides a great example of the thoughtful nature of the material that you can expect from Richardson and Dixon.

I encourage you go to Raising Modern Learners and enter your e-mail so that you can receive the weekly newsletter!

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Patrick Larkin is the Assistant Superintendent for Learning of Burlington Public Schools in Burlington, MA and the former principal of Burlington High. He blogs about education at www.patrickmlarkin.com.