Google+ 21 Day Challenge - Resharing a Post

Google+ 21 Day Challenge - Resharing a Post

Part Six of a series. Read Part Five here.

Yet another way to interact with people in your Google+ Professional Learning Community is to "Reshare" posts that appear on your Home page with your Circles. For example, if someone posts a particularly awesome classroom resource, you share the same resource with your own Circles simply by clicking the "Share" button on the original post.

When you Reshare a post on Google+, the creator of that post AND the people the post was originally shared with can see that you Reshared it. It won't show who you shared it with, just that it was Reshared. The creator of the post will receive a notification that you Reshared their post.

To Reshare a post, just click the "Share" button below the post

Enter some explanatory or introductory text

Add the Circles and specific people with which you would like to share the post

Click "Share"

The original post will appear on your Home page (and in the streams of the people you shared it with) underneath your name and the text you added

Paul Barrette is the Director of Technology of Burrillville School Department and past president of the Rhode Island Society of Technology Educators