Online Safety: Planning for the Future

Online Safety: Planning for the Future

The online realm has become a huge part of our lives, meaning that schools, companies and people are more reliant than ever upon digital security. It doesn’t matter what you are dealing with, there may not be a room for success without planning for the future. Here, let’s have a look at a few considerations we may need to make in order to secure our digital presence moving forward.

Domain names

Finding a suitable and memorable domain name can be considered as one of the first step for going online. The domain name that you choose will not only help to determine the success online as a company or as an individual but is something which may be tied to the brand image for years to come.

In the event of a technical failure or the collapse of the websites, companies need to be safe in the knowledge that their ownership details are preserved. This is where the registry data escrowcomes into play. This will see that key information is kept safely by a third party to be recovered when it becomes necessary.

Reliable hosting

We not only need to know where to find the right domain but we also need to be able to access them whenever we need. If your website/blog is down, it can reflect poorly on your brand image and could even push your customers or your followers to your competitors. Finding a reliable host is just as important as securing an ICAAN Escrow in that it secures your online presence for the foreseeable future.

A powerful and successful online presence is of utmost importance and we should take every possible measure to safeguard the online brand that they build.

E-commerce security in business

Where businesses encourage their customers to take part in online transactions on the company website it is essential that customers are afforded a high level of security. The credibility of a business in security terms is something which consumers take very seriously. Beyond the step of the Data Escrow, firms need to recognize the measures they can take which are in the interests of their customers.

A secure and trusted connection has become an absolute necessity for all online shoppers. The digital revolution has brought great opportunities for growth in industry but there remain concerns over the potential for fraud and the security of data. Just as companies are keen to secure their own data they should see that their customers’ data is equally secure.

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